Types of Dallas Birds that Live in Urban Areas

We all see birds every other day in gardens, streets, parks and obviously at countryside. It will not be wrong to mention here that increasing number of birds now prefer to live in urban settlements because of different kinds of reasons. The environment offered by cities is extremely favorable as there is abundance of food sources also birds have evolved and learned different kinds of techniques which enable them to survive in urban settlements. Increasing number of birds is seen and this has also led to many problems. Birds are extraordinary creatures, which are delicate and charming, but they are also a source of various health related hazards for humans and other animals. Regardless of all the matters the fact can’t be denied that birds have successfully urbanized and the birds, which are most commonly seen in cities, include pigeons, starling and sparrows. It is worth mentioning here that these three species are extremely adaptable and never hesitate in exploring potential sources of food or dependable nesting sites. Let’s put a look at some of the bird species that are extremely common in urban settlements.

Sturnus Vulgaris
Commonly known as starling these birds are extremely social. They are generally seen in groups and normally fly towards suitable places for the purpose of roosting. An interesting piece of information related with them is that when they are roosting in woods in larger numbers trees become extremely saturated with their droppings so much that sometimes birds even die. During winters cities and towns provide roosting places that are warmer and hence more comfortable for survival. This is one of the main reasons which forces birds to spend cold nights resting in urban environments in warmth because this can create a difference related with death and life. However, their presence acts as a source of problems for humans. Droppings of birds get accumulated and impose serious kinds of health related risks and hazards for the humans. Worst part is that still no satisfactory method for repelling birds has been found even gun shots are not good enough for driving away these birds.

Columba livia
We call it Feral Pigeon and these common pigeons are actually known as descendants of Wild Rock Dove that is commonly seen along coasts. Rock Doves are generally regarded as species that like to nest on cliffs, but town pigeons now prefer to exploit ledges and other different kinds of buildings that are found in cities. There are many factors, which have led to successful urbanization of these birds like better food sources, proper temperature, better lighting and warmth.

Passer domesticus
House sparrow is commonly found in cities and town. These have been living with humans for a very long time now. They feed on different kinds of foods that are commonly found in cities and are happy to live in different kinds of city environments. They are the most well-known birds in Britain and it will not be wrong to say that we all have grown up with them.

Song Thursh
Many other species of birds also live in urban environments and they have adopted well in these conditions. Birds make use of our urban regions like parks in the best possible manner. As far as the Song Thrush are concerned originally these birds were found in hedgerow and woodlands, but over the past few years a sharp decrease in the countryside habitats have been noticed and birds now have found their new homes in cities and towns for obvious reasons. Song birds such as the blackbirds, robins and thrushes are known for their territorial nature and this indicates towards the point that every pair will require land’s patch that delivers shelter as well as food for their young ones. Food that is consumed by these birds has the inclusion of following
• Mini beasts
• Worms
• Caterpillars
• Snails

In case you hear voices that are made by singing birds, then it acts as a clear cut indication of the fact that they are increasing in number. Especially human habitats act as a great place for getting settled because these habitats are rich which are simply ideal for such kinds of birds. In addition to this, there are different other types and species of song birds that are found inside urban areas.

House martins
During the months of summer swifts and house martins are commonly seen in buildings and flying in cities. They are not known for being territorial, but are most dependent upon buildings for making nests and require a great supply of flying insects which they use as foods. These are some of the common species of birds that have adopted well in urban settings. However, it should be mentioned here that birds in increasing numbers are simply not good for human settlements. They not only become a continuous source of trouble for inhabitants, but also spread a variety of diseases. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that if you notice the presence of birds in your region, then proper steps should be taken for their removal. Professionals should be called for dealing with the issues as they can provide the best possible treatment.

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